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 Cremated Remains Urns and Jewelry

We have a large range of Cremated remains Urns and Jewelry available from £40.00 for small keepsake urns and jewelry,
(necklaces and bracelets) that hold smaller amounts of ashes, to larger Urns and caskets.

 Image result for silver heart shaped keepsake urn Image result for gold heart shaped keepsake urn  Image result for baby ashes keepsake urn
 Image result for baby ashes keepsake urn Image result for baby ashes keepsake urn
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We also provide Ash Scatter Tubes in various designs, which are a nice inexpensive alternative for holding cremated remains to the often practical, but not particularly pretty containers, cremated remains are placed in at crematoriums.
These range from only £15 up to £30 depending on size and design, and we will always transfer the cremated remains for you into these items.
 examples  of wooden caskets 
 Image result for wooden ashes caskets  Image result for wooden ashes caskets
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